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Dr. Josephine Kulea founded Samburu Girls Foundation, popularly known as SGF, in 2011 as an NGO to rescue at-risk girls. She decided that she could not sit on the sidelines while young girls where being raped, abused, mutilated and if they got pregnant, forced to kill their own children. She began by rescuing her own cousin who was married off to a man almost her father’s age. Soon, her house was full of over 20 young children. She was supporting them with her salary. Working as a nurse she realized she needed help. She reached out to her friends, church, and other community members, who most of the time secretly supported her.

The scope of rescue swiftly grew from her little village to 4 counties in Kenya. Her work has been awarded numerous awards and was recognized by President Obama on his visit to Kenya.

Dr. Josephine Kulea serves on an international board named VOICE based in the Netherlands as an advisory member. Her dream is to see the eradication of harmful cultural practices for a prosperous Kenya and Africa as a whole.