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Dr. Hariri is a Syrian surgeon who was one of the instrumental organizers of the medical and surgical relief effort in Aleppo, Syria, during 2012-2016. With the start of the war in Syria, Dr. Hariri found himself at the epicenter of what the UN has called the “greatest humanitarian disaster of our times.” Despite an exodus of the medical work force, he remained to help coordinate a massive relief effort as hospitals, ambulances and medical personnel were explicitly targeted. Dr. Hariri and his team operated on thousands of adult and pediatric patients during the war from 2012-2016.

He recently completed a research fellowship through the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative “Scholars at Risk” Program and is currently working in Turkey to establish a way for medical students and residents to finish their education with the creation of the Syrian Board of Medical Specialties.

Currently working on building health information system with northwest Syrian health authorities.