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Since 2011, Yolanda George-David has been working to provide counseling, livelihood support, rehabilitation, and reintegration services to the physically, emotionally, and sexually abused women and children in Nigeria through Aunt Landa’s Bethel Foundation.

Among other services, she rescues, empowers, provides shelter, food, and access to education to abused and abandoned children, former sex-workers, widows, survivors of domestic violence and other vulnerable groups. Over 25,000 sexually abused teenagers have been counseled, rehabilitated, and empowered vocationally through the organization.

Over the years, the foundation grew up to operate over 200 centers and initiated multiple projects like Charitable Market Square, Widow’s Wardrobe, Free Medical Wednesdays, Free Vocational Training, Rape / Suicide Watch, Ability In Disability Projects, Open House Counseling, Free Legal Advice and Representation, Fundraising for Medical and Educational Bills, etc.