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Tionge Mtambo faced a lot of challenges in her life, which turned her into a dedicated educator and human rights activist.

Born on June 19, 1994, in Kapenda Village, Malawi, at the age of 15, Tionge was forcefully married off to a much older man. Her marriage was arranged by her paternal grandmother and uncles without her consent. In a courageous act, Tionge escaped and made her way back to her home in Chitipa, Malawi, determined to pursue her education.

Driven by her experience, she became a primary school teacher at Nahayombo Primary School to inspire and support young girls. In 2022, she founded the Girl Rise Initiative Malawi, an organization dedicated to eradicating child marriages and empowering girls and women economically. The initiative provides vulnerable girls with educational materials and sanitary pads, helping them stay focused on their studies.

Tionge’s personal journey from child marriage survivor to advocate for girls’ rights is a testament to her resilience and commitment. Her work is aimed at reducing child marriages in Malawi and supporting girls to achieve their full potential. Tionge encourages girls to dream big and pursue their education, believing that poverty should not be a barrier to their success.