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Congolese ICU doctor and anesthetist Richard Kayembé Kojan heads the Alliance for International Medical Action (ALIMA) based in Paris. For the creation of the Bio-Secure Epidemic Emergency Room (CUBE), a self-contained, easily transportable treatment unit for highly infectious diseases, Kojan has received the Game Changing Innovator Award.

Richard Kojan worked for several years with Doctors Without Borders and then became a President of ALIMA Board. Richard is a clinician physician, engaged in the low and middle resources regions for more than 15 years, practicing mainly emergency medicine, intensive care and polyvalent critical care.

Richard is a contributor in several clinical works, particularly on emerging infectious diseases, Ebola Virus Disease, Lassa Fever, etc.

With their Portable Biosecurity Emergency Care Unit (CUBE), ALIMA optimizes the standard of care for patients, which also gives favorable opportunity for clinical trial, in low resources settings (EVD Clinical Trial). With the CUBE in DRC under context EVD, many pregnant women delivered safely naturally and by Cesarian Section.

Specialist physician in ICU and anesthesiologist, currently working in collaboration with different teaching hospitals, public universities, and multiples partnerships with international research societies (Africa, Europe, North America, etc), also with the UN organizations (WHO), to improve the COVID-19 knowledge and to define the disease characterization.