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Aloys Uwemeyimana, a Rwandan human rights activist, has dedicated his life to reconciliation efforts, serving as a Facilitator at Mushaka Parish since at least 2010 and focusing on healing divisions between genocide victims and perpetrators.

Born in 1962 in Cyangungu Prefecture, Gishoma Commune, he currently resides in Gasabo district in Rwanda with his wife and six children. During the 1994 Rwandan genocide, Uwemeyimana earned recognition as a hero for assisting approximately 120 Tutsi refugees in escaping to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, often at great personal risk, while facing death threats from the ruling party. His commitment to justice and compassion extends to his previous roles as a Preacher at Rwinizuki Central, Mushaka Parish, and his leadership with the Red Cross in the Kirango Sector.

In November 2015, Uwemeyimana was honored with the Unity award as a “Protector of Friendship Pact” by the Rwandan National Unity and Reconciliation Commission for his courageous actions during the genocide. He continues to advocate for unity and reconciliation in Rwanda, despite challenges and personal threats. His steadfast belief in protecting the defenseless stems from his deep faith and values instilled by his family, guiding his unwavering commitment to humanitarian service and peacebuilding in his community.