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Raising global awareness of their courageous work
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Illuminating and inspiring

The Aurora Luminaries are grassroots activists helping the most vulnerable whose basic needs and rights are often overlooked. The courageous work of these selfless humanitarians has impacted tens of millions of people in need worldwide.

The Aurora Luminaries tackle complex challenges around the world, from Africa to Southeast Asia and from Europe to Latin America. Their efforts include advocating for the rights of marginalized minorities, rehabilitating survivors in conflict zones, combating sexualized violence against women and children, promoting education in underserved areas, providing universal access to healthcare, and supporting sustainable development projects in vulnerable communities, among many others. In the meantime, the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative keeps raising global awareness of their extraordinary work, elevating their ability to have a tangible impact on the lives they touch.

Humanitarian Causes

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Aurora Humanitarian Initiative

The Aurora Humanitarian Initiative is a foundation that addresses on-the-ground humanitarian challenges worldwide, concentrating on helping the most vulnerable and often overlooked populations. When our Co-Founders, Noubar Afeyan, Vartan Gregorian, and Ruben Vardanyan, envisioned the legacy of Aurora, they did so with a desire to create transformational change for those in need of humanitarian assistance.

Aurora is committed to aiding the vulnerable in the throes of crisis, and we firmly believe that Aurora Luminaries who have devoted their lives to assisting others are often the most effective agents of sustainable change.